How To Run Full Windows x86 Programs On RT

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Surface RT had restrictions when it came to its ability to power legacy Windows Programs. However with a little Black Magic by mamaich from XDA Developer forum, it seems that Microsoft’s ARM Tablet can run Classic Windows Games.

Windows RT

Its a tool that emulates x86 environment on ARM Architecture & allows RT to execute API calls without overloading the system resources.

The developer has declared that he is planning to soon release a standalone tool for this so that the x86 environment is automatically emulated, everytime Surface RT tablet loads. It seems that this tool could finally develop into a potential RT emulator for RTS games.

Programs that test OK on Mamaich’s release:-

1) WinRAR

2) 3D Pinball (Windows 95)

3) Heroes of Might (32 bit)

4) Magic 3 (32 bit)

5) ”7zG.exe b” – a 7Zip benchmark. “b” here is a command line parameter.

and several other tiny programs.

Programs that Mamaich confirmed will be supported after future releases:-

1) Age of Empires

2) Command & Conquer

3) Jagged Alliance 2

4) uTorrent (WOW!)

Here is a video of Mamaich playing Heroes Of Might On RT..

You can read more about x86 Emulator on XDA Developers thread here. On a closing note, it seems like along with Legacy Windows App, Microsoft Surface Pro can now also run Linux on Hyper V & there are rumours about OS X running on Surface RT  too.