How Microsoft Surface RT Compares To Apple iPad

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Given the Price Announcement of Microsoft Surface RT tablet today. Question now arises will Microsoft box Apple out of its top spot?

Compare Microsoft Surface iPad

Microsoft is aiming to reclaim the sales that it lost to Apple’s iPad. Reports suggest that Apple’s iPad wiped out the nascent netbook market & also ate into PC sales. Microsoft has tried its best & succeeded a huge deal to attract attention of all the Apple users with its recent pop rock theme commercials. Clearly Microsoft has left no stone un-turned to get its new tablet a success.

How does Apple’s iPad Compares to Microsoft Surface RT Tablet?

Budget-wise Comparison Of Tablets

7 comments to How Microsoft Surface RT Compares To Apple iPad

  • Daniele Scrivano  says:

    Without 3G o 4G o LTE, a portable device like a tablet is NOTHING!

  • Douglas Ramos  says:

    Quero ver quando essa belezinha vier qto será a faca.

  • Paul Butterworth  says:

    Not true without 3G, 4G or an external memory option a tablet is nothing.. I use the Samsung 7 inch with a 64GB card and I get a great deal of use out of it. Apple lock down the memory (even 64GB isnt a lot so I have a few cards) so you cant do anything without investing in their very expensive memory/Connectivity options. If you really want, you can get a portable wireless access point for less than the cost of the additional comms in the Ipad and it can be used with multiple devices and you get to use which ever carrier you choose, not the ones apple locks you into in your specific region.

  • Spencer Dyer  says:

    Exactly some people just don't get it. Most phones are a hotspot its self or you can use a MIFI device that serves more than one device. Without 3G/4G? WHAT A LOAD OF !@#$

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  • Mehdi  says:

    I market small besniuss owners and have a video I show to them. As opposed to bringing in some hefty laptop or buying a mac air, I will load my video on the ipad and show it to the besniuss owner that way. I haven’t looked into it too much. Now that I am thinking about it, does the damn thing have speakers??? People are also saying that it is a giant ipod. NOT TRUE!!! last time I checked you couldn’t get iwork with an ipod which I use numbers and pages for most of my work For those that do not know you can drag a pdf into pages, edit what you need to edit, then go to file, print, save as pdf. Pages is a pdf editor as well!!!

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