“Don’t Get Scroogled” – Bing’s Offensive Holiday Campaign By Microsoft

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You got it right. Microsoft launches another aggressive campaign warning shoppers that you will be screwed this month i.e. Scroogled (By you know who!). Steve Ballmer, earlier in an interview with Reid Hoffman went king-kong over Google & Apple. Here is a clipping of the audio from his interview.

Here is what Scroogle page looks like.

Scroogled Microsoft Google

The page reads something like this :-

“In the beginning, Google preached, “Don’t be evil“—but that changed on May 31, 2012. That’s when Google Shopping announced a new initiative. Simply put, all of their shopping results are now paid ads.

In their under-the-radar announcement, Google admits they’ve now built “a purely commercial model” that delivers listings ranked by “bid price.” Google Shopping is nothing more than a list of targeted ads that unsuspecting customers assume are search results. They call these “Product Listing Ads” a “truly great search.”

Microsoft has posted up a new commercial that will start running this week on a number of TV networks.

Surprisingly, Microsoft didn’t even spare Google founders and had this to say about them :-

Microsoft’s Scroogle campaign is apparently a response to Google’s – Get Your Google Back campaign. With the new Windows 8, Microsoft wanted to make sure that the ‘upgraders’ switch to Bing & Internet Explorer from Chrome which has knocked out IE in its users. Get your Google Back campaign by Google, guides users to download a Search App within seconds & start using Google & Chrome again. It also includes a Voice Search feature.

Check out the cheeky GetYourGoogleBack video by Google Here :-

Don’t forget to watch the Scroogle Video & checkout the Official Scroogled page here :-

Oh & just in case if you are wondering what Steve has to say about Apple’s iPhone here is another Video:-