Microsoft Surface Mini To Sport Intel’s Haswell Processor?

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Microsoft is likely to launch a smaller and less expensive tablet computer in the fourth quarter of this year to counter the popular Apple iPad mini, mentioned an analyst today with the TRI(Taipei) Institute on Tuesday.

The rumored tablet, is known to be running on Windows 8 as an operating system of choice. Screen size has been estimated to be 7.5 inches approx.

Surface Mini By Microsoft

Cost estimate for this mini Microsoft Surface Tablet, as mentioned by Topology analyst Maxwell Chang is roundabout US$299. One wonders if this product will be able to give any competition to other Taiwan-based Acer and Asutek.

Its well known that all the other major tablets that occupy maximum market share are based on Android Technology and are still cheaper.

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Chromebook Pixel – A $1300 Browser?

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Google has out-done Apple in charging a premium for its products. A whooping $1299 for its Google Chromebook Pixel which resembles Apple’s mac Lineup. One might find it tough to understand what market did Google have in mind before listing this price for a below average browsing-only machine. Some were terming Chromebook Pixel as a Surface-Killer, but seeing the latest reviews it seems that its suicidal.

chromebook pixel launch

Chromebook Pixel is a cloud-only device. It lets the users store their information, media etc over a cloud service. (1 TB Storage). Along with cloud, people will have access to their Google Chrome Browser to access internet. While speaking at Mountain View, Calif.

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Surface Pro Available Again, Supplies Limited

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On Feb 9, after Surface Pro was launched & instantly sold out, we had 2 weeks of no supply to Microsoft Stores. (Online & Offline). Customers who have been waiting for Surface for long time, have been facing a tough time.

However, today CNET confirmed that the 128 GB model has again started shipping to stores in LA, Boston & Pao Alto. The table is now also available via Online Stores. Though the stores still have supply the supplies are limited. Some of the stores said that they expect the latest batch of Microsoft Surface to be sold out by tomorrow day end.

Microsoft Surface Availability Stores

Earlier, Surface Head – Panos Panay said “We’re working with our retail partners who are currently out of stock of the 128GB Surface Pro to replenish supplies as quickly as possible.”

While the sales stats are sti.

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How To Run Linux On Surface Pro

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Surface Pro is indeed a power-packed device, after OS X, now its Linux. Surface Pro can run most of the Windows Legacy Apps which otherwise don’t run on Windows RT, unless you read about the new x86 Emulator tool that we blogged about earlier.

 Surface Pro Linux Hyper V

It seems that now with Hyper V virtual machine, now you can also run Linux on your Surface Pro. Watch the video below:-

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Blasphemous : Hackintosh Surface Pro Running Mountain Lion OS X

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After x86 emulator for RT that allows users to run windows programs on Windows RT & Linux on Hyper V, now its Apple OS X Mountain Lion running on a Surface Pro.

Some might argue – “whats the point?” but the fact that digital pen works almost seamlessly with Mountain Lion, its commendable that Microsoft was able to pack such a powerful hardware in Surface Pro.

OSX Microsoft Surface

In The Video below, you will see that Digital Pen (Stylus), Sound & USB Ethernet dongle work absolutely fine. WiFi is still not working which indicates that install might not be a native one.

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Why A Mini Microsoft Surface Is Really Vital For Windows Ecosystem

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Speaking at MIT technology review, Steve Ballmer (CEO, Microsoft), mentioned that he was ‘super-glad’ that Surface happened. He went on to describe Surface as a ‘real business’& stressed how essential software/hardware integration is for a scalable Windows Ecosystem. However, when it came to a question about sales of Surface, Ballmer avoided answering specific questions but mentioned that “In a market where more than 300 million PCs are sold, Microsoft Surface wont dominate the market but its a real business.”


So What Real Business Is Steve Talking about? When asked about whether Microsoft aims to become a full manufacturing company, he said that Microsoft wants to be involved in both to provide consumers & enterprise a better computing capability.

Steve went on to con.

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How To Run Full Windows x86 Programs On RT

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Surface RT had restrictions when it came to its ability to power legacy Windows Programs. However with a little Black Magic by mamaich from XDA Developer forum, it seems that Microsoft’s ARM Tablet can run Classic Windows Games.

Windows RT

Its a tool that emulates x86 environment on ARM Architecture & allows RT to execute API calls without overloading the system resources.

The developer has declared that he is planning to soon release a standalone tool for this so that the x86 environment is automatically emulated, everytime Surface RT tablet loads. It seems that this tool could finally develop into a potential RT emulator for RTS games.

Programs that test OK on Mamaich’s release:-

1) WinRAR

2) 3D Pinball (Windows 95)

3) Heroes of Might (32 bit)

4) Magic 3 (32 bit)

5) ”7zG.

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Surface With Windows 8 Pro Pricing Announced – Starts $899

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Finally Microsoft confirms that Surface Pro will release early next year 2013. With over 40 million Windows 8 Licenses sold, Microsoft has finally announced that Surface PRO will be available January 2013.

Microsoft hints that “Surface will be a family of products soon”. This could perhaps be a hint towards the launch of Surface Phone. Earlier at a Shareholders meet, Ballmer already confirmed that Microsoft will continue to add “delightful & seamless features to its Surface Tablet.

Microsoft Surface Pro will be released in two versions – a 64GB & 128GB.

Each will be priced at $899 & $999 respectively.

An addition to Surface Pro version is Palm Block Technology which is an extension of digital ink feature & keeps the Pro tablet from taking touch inputs when pen is in .

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KB 2756872 Update Brings Improved Performance For Surface RT

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Launched last month, Microsoft’s Surface Tablet already had an update called KB 2756872 which promises to improve battery life, audio, video & across app transition. Yesterday, Microsoft also launched a consumer feedback program with a $200 sweepstake offer for US Based Surface Users.

If you are still not sure about how to get this update, just swipe your Microsoft Surface Tablet from the left, hit the settings menu, then choose PC settings. On very bottom of the PC settings menu, you will need to select Windows Update. Choosing this Windows Update option will install the new update. Windows RT will ask you to restart your device for the new update to take full effect.

Earlier today, Microsoft CEO, Ballmer told its shareholders that this will be a new era for the Redmond.

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Do You Know This Guy? Microsoft’s Another, Aggressive Internet Explorer Commercial

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Hands up Internet Explorer Trolls! Microsoft has a new ad to back up its all new browser – IE 10. Apparently its for the unbelievers  who lost their faith in their age old IE. The actor in the ad makes sure to bash up IE10 on all the social platforms where he is posting. However, Microsoft highlights the fact that “IE10 is now on Xbox 360″ or “Gizmodo hearts IE10″. Winning over a bitter online troll isn’t easy, unless you are in India, where they can arrest you for your Facebook posts. However, Microsoft makes it sure to tap all its audience. even the bitter trolls – ““We are for everyone, even though everyone is different.”

Most people are loving the all new Internet Explorer 10. Have you tried it yet? If not, don’t forget to checkout this exclusive video.


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